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WINK, Madrid / SAN MIGUEL / 2014


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The music industry in Spain is playing out of tune notes.

Spain is one of the most punished countries by the music piracy in the world. The music sales market has fallen a 50% in the last 5 years and there are no promotion windows for real music artists in mass media, which is mainly focused on talent shows and mainstream music.

The only current gateway for the industry is the live music events, a market that has dropped off a total of 7% in the past five years (income).

The brands which want to use the music territory to connect with their targets are focused on a traditional advertising model of sponsoring these live events, big festivals, tours, etc... Hoping to achieve a great brand presence with a high advertising impact but the reality is that it is becoming a trite model, very concentrated in a short period of time and lacking added value to the final consumer, who is just concerned about the music.


The Project consists in:

A TV program (broadcasted on Canal Plus) called to be a generational referent that is recorded live in the best venues of the country. A totally brand new format on TV, where different artists share the stage playing together and talking about what they like the most, the music.

A Radio program (broadcasted on Europa FM) that besides just being heard on the radio, users can also watch it through streaming via Internet.

A music tour formed with emerging bands playing together that let us communicate the concept of “Un lugar Llamado Mundo” along different points of sales.

And a complex digital ecosystem that let consumers have access to all content anywhere and 24/7. The ecosystem is formed with all digital actives from media partner and San Miguel, websites and social spaces as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, Spotify app.


More than 10 million views of the content.

Over 300 artists

Over 700 videos generated

Over 150 hours of content

More than 144.000 content interactions, improving 110% last year sponsoring action.

The TV program has been awarded as “The best music program” by Rolling Stone Magazine awards.

The radio program has increased in six months their 25-34 year audience in 6%.

4 out of 5 people asked thinks “Un Lugar Llamado Mundo” is a different and a completely new proposal in the music world. (Millward Brown tracking)

3 out of 5 people asked recognize that this project makes the brand more attractive (Millward Brown tracking)

The brand consideration has increased in 13 points. (Millward Brown tracking)

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