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We brought the world the “Swedish Underwear Liberation”.Across the world, young people took up our call to bring the Swedish spirit of openness and self-confident sexuality to the lesser fortunate nations.All they have to do is to upload a picture of themselves in Björn Borg underwear in our Swedish Export page and app to become a certified "Swedish Export". People crafted their own unique, cutting-edge look in a competition for best photo, judged – naturally – by their social media peers, with a chance to win their weight in underwear.

We generated critical local support by engaging our fans, creative influencers and bloggers in each market to champion the Swedish Underwear Liberation. We amplified our supportive voices by putting our Swedish Exports across the web to be highly visible (helped by our friends at Google, YouTube, and Facebook).Our Swedish Exports became our ambassadors to the world, and the world loved them.


The results smashed through our expectations like a Björn Borg ace whistling past an opponent.

We unleashed a storm of word-of-mouth publicity that money-just-can’t-buy and recorded over 600 million views and +350% traffic to We generated over 50,000 champions and friends by amplifying our Swedish Exports, and international sales of Björn Borg underwear increased to 190 million Euros.

Björn Borg was an international superstar once again – except this time it wasn’t as a racket-toting tennis ace, but as a colourful, edgy, uninhibited fashion brand.The Swedish Underwear Liberation continues, and Google was so impressed with the engagement that they did an international case study of the campaign.

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