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FCB RG2, Caracas / BANPLUS / 2015

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The Unforgettable Account responds to the primary purpose of Banplus, to build their brand image through social responsibility programs. The most important of them is the Alzheimer’s Foundation of Venezuela because the country has more than 130,000 patients with this disease. The insight we found was that people do not easily remember how to help, because usually the contributions are received in bank accounts with very complicated numerical codes. This is the basis on which The Unforgettable Account was born, the bank account number so easy to remember, no one can forget it.

This is strongly a PR idea because Banplus wants to be recognized by public opinion as a leading financial institution in the development of corporate social responsibility programs and innovate to develop unique and permanent methods for donations.


After the bank was able to challenge its technological systems, coding The Unforgettable Account only in zeros was implemented in the first month of the campaign, a national communication plan that began in its 47 offices. Two spots for TV and digital media were filmed, and an outdoor, print and social networks plan from Banplus and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of Venezuela was developed. Because of the impact it has had on the campaign to date, The Unforgettable Account today continues to be promoted for free on talk shows on national TV and radio.


The Unforgettable Account has motivated hundreds of people to donate money and promote the idea. So the amount we raised in just 94 days (to date) was up by 226% over the past three years. (This represents $31,746 to date, but given the devaluation of the national currency, this represents 200,000 Bolívares in spontaneous donations, enough to train more than 500 Alzheimer’s caregivers in 18 foundation offices throughout the country). The campaign spots were seen by more than 15,000 people, and there were over 10,000 impressions on the major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The most important result is that now people will never forget how to help the fight against Alzheimer’s.

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