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Unforgettable Bag

GREY MALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur / TESCO / 2018


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With 6,800 stores, and over 50 million customers a week Tesco has a huge responsibility in educating it's customers.

This is about creating behaviour change on a mass scale. Instead of punishing people for forgetting to bring a bag, let's reward them for bringing them back.

By simply adding a simple change to the design, a barcode, we transform the bag into an ongoing discount, an incentive. Creating a regular, habit forming reward that actively changes behaviour.

EVERYONE. The existing eco motivation to re-use the bag is currently not strong enough. A financial incentive is universal - meaning you want to bring back the bag even if you are not eco aware.


We designed the UB to be a bag people WANT to carry.

The barcodes are integrated into the form of the animals most at risk from plastics in the ocean, forming an attractive and very distinctive pattern. The design style is simple and cute - to appeal to the widest spectrum of customers from young to old.

The Fish, Turtle and Whale - were extended as campaign characters throughout the store on multiple POS materials - Posters, Aprons, Checkout Banners, scanner wraps.

At launch, an animated film, in our distinctive design style, helped launch the concept worldwide.

Sold for 50 cents, the bag has an unlimited rebate of 20 cents. So users only have to re-use three times to be actually making a profit from their positive behaviour.

The bags are made of recyclable material, replaced for free when worn out and recycled into new bags.


Trialled initally in 11 stores, the UB campaign was rapidly adopted nationwide to all 56 stores.

The bag instantly became the Best Selling re-usable bag in all stores.

On average, 5% of Tesco customers re-use their bag.

In the first month 68% of customers re-used their UB - making it 14x more effective in reducing single-use bags.

At current rate - UB will have prevented over 5 million single use bags.

PR Coverage for the launch spread instantly to over 70 countries helping Tesco's sustainability reputation worldwide.

Internally the creative idea has been presented at Global board level - with UK, Thailand and India specifically requesting design and implementation plans.

The Turtle, Fish and Whale characters are now an integral part of the Tesco Malaysia school programme - also used in colouring books and puzzles to educate.

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