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We presented Save the Children with the idea for a shocking and moving campaign with a creative concept that started from a very clear premise: the campaign had to share the real nature of the problem; that is to say, the messages would disappear in the same way that the children will disappear if nobody does anything about it.

Nowadays a lot of people share ephemeral content on social networks; it is a trend that is very fashionable. That's why we decided to use the Instagram Stories tool, arranging for a creative image of a named child refugee to disappear every hour. We wanted the entire world to put themselves in the shoes of the affected parents, and the best way to do this was through web spots.


On January 11 2017, we launched the action on the brand's Facebook and Instagram channels: every hour a child would disappear if users did not prevent it from happening.

At the same time we released three videos because we needed the whole world to put themselves in the shoes of the affected parents. These served to redirect traffic to the web and to collect enough signatures to create the necessary safe passageways over our borders and thus prevent further disappearances.

We rolled out the campaign across all media, and to opinion leaders and key influencers in order to echo the same message. We had to raise their awareness first if we wanted to reach the greatest possible number of people.

We could not allow more child refugees to disappear so, for two weeks, we continued generating content on the networks linked to the collection of signatures.


The action lasted for 24 hours on Instagram and the campaign continued for 2 weeks with the following results:

•6,158,488 views of the campaign that we can measure in owned media.

•67 media outlets echoed the news.

•More than 160,000 signatures were collected.

•37,546 interactions.

•We exceeded the client's objectives by +32%.

•One of the videos became the video with most interactions in the history of Save the Children on Facebook, and collectively they make up the best Save the Children campaign on social media in Spain.

•We achieved €93,000 in earned media (Press: €30,000. Online: €63,000) and an equivalent PR value of €120,000.

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