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Let them experience LOTO: the ultimate upgrade to daily life.

But not just any experience, theirs. By giving a physical insight of what it would change for them, as young people, in a way that fits with their interests.

For this, we started by materializing the average life of a 18-30 year-old: living in a tiny apartment full of second-hand (or dirty) stuff : grandma's washing machine, your brother’s old microwave, pizza boxes lying on the desk together with unpaid bills, etc. The Loto jackpot could be the answer to changing all this and, to win it, all you need is... 6 numbers.

We created: 'Unlock your life', LOTO's escape game. An escape game that lets you experience Loto by upgrading parts of your life each time you find one of the 6 numbers.


The Escape Game took place in the heart of Paris and was opened for 3 straight weeks. You could access it only through the Messenger chat bot that was a first riddle, like a mini Escape Game, where people needed to find the reservation book by searching a messy place within Messenger. Once you've found it, you could pick a slot and come try it for real.

As for the physical Escape Game, it all starts with a first room that is a tiny apartment. At first, really small and messy but as people start to discover the LOTO numbers, the place gets better and better: the old computer flips for a brand new one, entire walls fall over to reveal new and bigger rooms. By the time the game is finished, the 10m2 student room becomes a luxurious 70m2 flat.


The operation is still running but so far:

- We reached 11,1 million of people with the operation, either with the trailer promoting it or with the Messenger bot to register,

- Hundreds of PR impressions including major media, Social Media comments, and spontaneous pictures posted from the Escape Game itself,

- A five-star ranking by "Escape Game Paris", the most renowned escape games guide,

- And, more importantly, great reactions from all players that came to try the experience.

It was supposed to have been a temporary operation but due to its success, the brand wishes to make it live longer, either on the road during their "LOTO summer tour" or through a real escape game franchise where the "Unlock your life" could become a long-lasting room. To be continued...

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