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Branded Entertainment is an ever-growing field. Content strategists have become the pioneers of new brand strategy approaches. Content strategy is certainly an exciting field, it’s rapidly changing, adapting and finding new ways to do things. There are no real restrictions in our market but probably we will see the discipline more formalised and nuanced in the nearby future. Trendwolves always have started from bottom up. We initiate dialogues around many themes with youngsters as key influencers. We carefully monitor European youngsters ( Through this online trend database we create a content platform where brands can get inspired. What we can offer is a unique context that cascades across an entire experience. That is a great evolution! In a world of dialogues you have nothing to tell if you don’t have a great story. We don’t write that story, our audience does it. And we package it in an entertaining and successful way. Not just to create a hype, but to build the best brand’s strategy. We are one of those pioneers in content marketing, but we are not a traditional ad agency and never will be. So perhaps you wouldn’t expect Trendwolves winning at Cannes? Hopefully we can!


The ‘young makers’ trend is a very strong vehicle, they have become the new rock stars. They are very aspirational towards the boys and girls next door. Young makers are cool entrepreneurs and important influencers. This trend fits perfectly with the DNA of our client PALM. PALM stands for CRAFT. We invested in a unique content platform around craftsmanship. URBAN CRAFTS (see strategy) facilitates dialogues amongst youngsters via 40 unique crafters. Via a multichannel approach the audience can discover their story: 40 films of 3 minutes can be watched online, workshops are organized all over Flanders, urbancraft TV was launched.


Jan Vandenwyngaerden, CEO of PALM and President of the UBA testifies ‘PALM was not cool at all, but in less than 1 year the tide has turned. No one else but Trendwolves would be able to realize this.’

Facts and figures:

- community building: over 25,000 facebook likes (without any financial support)

- more than 250,000 views of all episodes (crafter portraits + episodes)

- more than 800 people participated at the Urban Crafts Award Show

- 40 movie portraits of crafters (per year)

- 30 youth cafés signed a contract with PALM breweries

- a great community of crafters (and all of their friends, family, … who support them), each with their own skills and crafts. PALM breweries can rely on these crafters, they are strongly connected!

Research (image PALM amongst youngsters) shows clearly that the negative perception of PALM has completely changed once they got in contact with URBAN CRAFTS. Further more the willingness to taste the beer is no longer an obstacle.

URBAN CRAFTS dreams to go European, it has so much potential. We are in contact with 4 other countries nowadays to implement this great brand entertainment platform.

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