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UTOPIA, Cape Town / UTOPIA / 2015

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Is it really possible to create everyone’s idea of Utopia in a small, static area?

This led us to a question and, in turn, our solution.

Why settle on a logo when we could create an entire world?

The Utopia logo is an ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-evolving world whereby all Utopians, be them employees or clients, are represented by their own piece of real estate. Their own interpretation of Utopia and, in turn, their own unique logo.

We started by designing the Utopia office building, and expanded from there. We went on to erect surrounding structures, both real and imaginary. We then began the process of populating the Utopia World with elements which best represent each individual employee, the agency's clients, milestones, accolades and culture.

A randomizing mask ensures that every iteration of the logo represents a new window into the Utopia World. No one who comes into contact with the logo will ever see the world in its entirety, paying homage to the fact that Utopia, like perfection, cannot be found.

Every possible iteration remains instantly recognizable as the Utopia identity, ensuring the growth of its presence within the industry and marketplace.


The result is a highly tactile, versatile logo which can be adapted according to the space where it is placed. Every employee has their own unique stationery (business cards, logos, collateral etc.), complete with their own logo. Clients are presented with their own Utopia branding. International holidays (e.g. Christmas, St. Patrick's Day) as well as current events are built into the Utopia World and used tactically on social media.

The results that really matter?

Employees feel like they are part of the brand, a brand which values them as an integral part of their journey, resulting in them being even more committed to its success.

Clients feel that they are with an agency that values their business and partnership, seeing the agency as a collaborative partner that is truly invested in the success of their brands.

The best part? The logo, like the agency, is forever evolving and expanding. With every new client, new employee, new campaign and accolade awarded, the Utopia world grows in square mileage as it grows is the ‘real world’. In fact, when scaled to actual size, the Utopia World is just shy of Manhattan's square mileage... and growing.

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