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FIFTY6, London / VIRGIN / 2012







The ultimate, last chance ticket giveaway.Unlike Sky, we owned our festival. So we did what only an owner could and went to the site and gave away the last remaining tickets, live on channel 4 and facebook (the places that ranked most highly for VFestival-goers).

Coming live from the site, we would show off the extra special good times only customers would get access to; we’d increase our attribution as sponsor; and help some of our facebook fans who were desparate for tickets.

We signed youth hero Keith Lemon, bought 60” live spots in key Friday night shows and devised a ‘Silent Disco’ mechanic to get people entering via TV and a newly built tab on our facebook page.The clients loved it and found the money to pay for it.We stood back, and lit the touchpaper.


We collected over 26,000 new facebook fans for the brand page2,501 entered on the nightWe also received over 15,000 text entries on the night, which was over 10x DR norms.NPS amongst the customer base was boosted by over 20 pointsThe facebook page went crazy, with thousands of comments and some very, very happy winners.And most importantly, Virgin Media’s attribution to the VFest and the festival space was its biggest ever.All in six weeks with no brief, creative route or budget to speak of. Bang tidy.

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