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LET'S FIFA10 'How Big Can Football Get?' is a fully integrated campaign developed for the launch of EA SPORT'S FIFA10 football game.The campaign communication shows how big football is on a cultural level and how game play effects the world.


The campaign kicked-off with a 2-minute anthem spot that premiered during the heated Manchester United and Manchester City match and then continued a global roll-out across the UK, Europe, US and beyond. The TVC was quickly followed by FIFA EARTH, the first data visualiser product from EA. FIFA EARTH is an online tool that aggregates all FIFA gameplay and shows how the online fans and football community control which teams are hot and cold, who the top players are and illustrates how huge football is around the world with over 2million games and 40,000,000 goals scored every day. FIFA EARTH was then followed by the Keepie Uppie Challenge viral. The challenge shows players such as Walcott, Benzema and Ronoldhino blindfolded and trying to attempt keepie uppie's. There was a dedicated youtube and facebook page urging fans to submit their own attempt. Finally, the FIFA documentary showing footballers and fans talking about and demonstrating their love of the game.


FIFA10 was the fastest selling sports game in history. FIFA10 sold more than 1.7 units in its first week in Europe and EA said it was the biggest and fastest selling game in the company's history.Peter Moore, who is the president of EA Sports, said that “We were confident that FIFA 10 would be a hit, and this week fans across Europe have shown just how much they love this game. We are incredibly proud of FIFA 10 and this kick-off for great, authentic football competition.”

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