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People spend an average of 7 hours a day staring at their computer, smartphone and tablet screens. And what they usually see is a simple landscape wallpaper. With that in mind, we designed a new kind of wallpaper that shows, in real time, sections of the Atlantic Forest, thus allowing anyone to become a forest ranger. In partnership with SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation, we set up hidden cameras in endangered areas of the forest. Starting from the North and extending all the way to the South. The footage that is captured is sent out and displayed in real time as wallpaper on computers, smartphones and tablets. If users witness an environmental offence, they can send a screenshot of the incident to the local authorities - and to everyone on their social network. Turning thousands of people into protectors of the Atlantic Forest, without changing anything in their routines.


In partnership with SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation, Jeep set up hidden cameras in areas that suffer all kinds of threats: deforestation, poaching, fires, etc. The cameras used are self-sufficient with solar powered batteries, functioning 24/7, streaming in real time – through 3G connection – images to the wallpaper of computers, smartphones and tablets. And for smartphones, the Vigilant Wallpapers runs, not only in the background screen, but also as a lock-screen. In other words, there’s no need to unlock the screen to take care of and protect the Atlantic Forest.

The project was launched in in Rio de Janeiro and extended to all of the other Atlantic Forest reserves in the country. To avoid interference with fauna and flora, we designed cameras to be undetected in nature: stone cam, tree cam, nest cam. Thus, also making it difficult for the possible aggressors of the environment to track them.

By installing the Vigilant Wallpapers, users can collaborate actively in the preservation of the Atlantic Rain Forest anytime, anywhere, through smartphone, computer and tablet screens.

The Vigilant Wallpapers is compatible with Android and Windows. Download available on Google Play and at the website:


The Vigilant Wallpapers turned thousands of people into protectors of the Atlantic Rain Forest without changing anything in their routines: more than 30,000 downloads all over Brazil for computers, smartphone and tablets.

More than 6,500,000 media impressions.

The most shared video in the history on the Jeep Fan Page.

The reports already are being investigated by the local authorities.

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