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How to launch a product that arrives late to the market, in the category with most investments by far in Spain?

Spain is a market where convergence is the star product. Only 18% do not consider purchasing a telecom solution with no combined products.

The launch of Vodafone One, a product that bundles mobile, Fibre and television, arrives one year late. In February 2014, leader Movistar launched a similar communications package while bundle was communicated since September 2012.

We were obliged to counteract this Movistar´240 MM € (that´s correct, 240 MM €) investment accumulated from 2012, communicating something much greater. More rooted into our human nature and not into savings, the Movistar ´promise

That’s why we wanted to break in with a landmark format, very emotional and inspirational. We wanted to forget about the product and talk about people, their potential and all of the impossible they can achieve. Inspiring people to keep reaching further, to aim as high as possible.


To see the moon as if you were there, in real-time, 24/7 and in HD, we hooked up ONE Fibre Optic with powerful telescopes at four of the best international space observatories worldwide: Canary Islands (Spain), Queensland, (Australia), La Dehesa, Santiago (Chile) and Dubai (UAE).

Each telescope brought the Moon closer to us in a time zone, with non-stop broadcast in HD video streaming. From any device, users could control the telescope and aim it at the lunar location they wanted to explore. They could also leave their footprint on that point and upload the shot instantly to Twitter and Facebook.


More than 1000 tweets during the performance, making us trending topic in a few minutes.

Interviews via Twitter and radio (PrisaMediaGroup), OOH material and a digital teaser and invitation plan.

The play took place on July 11(2014), at the Capitol Theatre of Madrid.

It was sold out one week before (1.367 tickets)

More than 70.000 people saw it via streaming. (Average visit web lasted 40’)

Broadcast on ComedyCentral: July 30th and August 2nd (average audience of 12.785 / 12.160 and 72.709 / 50.639 Accumulated Audience).

After this, 535 new proposals were obtained for First; to make their dreams come true.

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