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MAXUS, Mumbai / VODAFONE / 2012

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We created a ‘lost driver’ and put him in a video banner on Ibibo – India’s largest social gaming platform. We then invited people to phone our ‘lost driver’ to give him directions by dialling a free phone number. Once the User dialed the free phone number a real-time call got connected with the driver through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which gave a feel of a real conversation. As the call progressed the driver appears to crash the car which ends the call. After making the users responsible for the terrible consequence that occurred, we invited them to pledge to use their phones responsibly.For the first time, technology was used to integrate web and mobile in manner that would help amplify the key message that deadly consequences could arise by driving while on phone.


12,530 calls on the first day with an interaction rate of 6.4%. This was a 100% more than what we had estimated and 3 times more than any CSR activity on the web in India.More than 110,000 people made the pledge, an 89% conversion rate, well above the 30,000 number we estimated initially.

A bonus of 1.5 million exposures for no additional cost simply because of the nature of the campaign and the response it garnered.

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