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JWT, Mumbai / AIRTEL / 2011

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We made a commercial that recreated a scene from a freshly released movie.It shows an intense scene where a murderer breaks open a door to attack a defenceless woman. Amid all the intensity, a boy casually walks across the room and sits down next to his mother, which is when we realise that the scene was playing on the television but the picture was so real it felt the movie was happening right in the living room.

What was special was the creative media planning of the spot. The ad was release during the television premiere of the movie. At the appropriate place, we broke off the film's transmission to go to break, in which our specially created commercial was played. For people watching, it seemed like a seamless continuation of the film. It's only when they saw the end that they realised it was a Airtel DTH commercial.


The ad created instant buzz and news stories. Though it ran on the television for 6 more weeks, the story of its release was the talking point among viewers.Despite being a low-budget commercial in a highly competitive market scenario, it stood out above the competition and helped Airtel DTH achieve numbers way above the targets. Over 1300 Airtel Digital TV HD boxes were sold, an increase of over 400%. Total connection also went up by 10%.

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