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OGILVY TAIWAN, Taipei City / VOGUE / 2022

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The First-ever Gender-neutral Uniform

Project UNI-FORM

Students at Taiwan’s Banqiao High School organized an event, inviting their male peers and teachers to wear skirts, to break gender stereotypes and promote freedom of choice.

Garments are not gender-specific. Vogue joined forces with the fashion designer Angus Chiang to design UNI-FORM for all the girls and boys. Combining shirts and skirts, jackets and dresses, they’re all fashionable and practical. Regardless of gender, body type or habits, everyone can reshape it however they feel most comfortable.

Referencing the common habit among students of filling in the empty parts in letters with colored pens, we redesigned their school badges, adding other elements, like spontaneously pieced-together color blocks and the grid lines in text books. Then we unveiled it with a launch event during Taipei Fashion Week, an event site, and Instagram posts, to express the spirit of diversity and courage.

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