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adam&eveDDB, Berlin / DEUTSCHE TELEKOM / 2023


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It is an ever increasing trend: more and more people send voice messages instead of making phone calls. Especially in Germany. And sometimes they are very practical. But in a lot of cases, they make every-day communication very complicated. However, the solution could be so easy: a good old phone call in Germany’s best mobile network.


A typical voice message. A man at the airport. Looking for the right perfume for his wife in the Duty-Free shop. He sends voice message after voice message asking questions about what it could be. He’s using very long sentences. Fill words. Dragging it to the breaking point of annoyance. Like in every typical voice message you get every day. What`s the shape? Size? Colour? Name? Complicated stuff. Even the shop assistant doesn’t have a clue what his wife’s favorite perfume is. In the end, he finally decides: she didn’t answer in time. So she doesn’t get her perfume. Well, things could have been so much easier – if he had only made a simple phone call.


As the first telco provider in Germany, we have addressed the elephant in the room: Sometimes, it is just better to rely on a good-old phone call instead of all the modern technology solutions we offer. This was a bold move. Especially for the number one telco brand in Europe. In a medium, where the audience is normally confronted with one high-pitched offer spot after another, we went for day-to-day practice, everyone can relate to. That’s why it resonated so well with our target audience. Since a lot of them still know the advantages of phone calls, they were reminded of the qualities of our highly-awarded network in a way they could emotionally connect with. Increasing the perception of our brand that we are the ones who understand them best.

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