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Mailing in August to exploit the optimistic feeling of summer days, the pack was targeted at New Beetle drivers, database prospects, and cold records purchased according to the profile of affluent 20-something women.

The price was prominent on the cover and letter, while the pack brought to life New Beetle's eccentric character, showcasing the car's personality and the fact that its quirky shape invites a smile from passers-by, introducing a series of characters to illustrate different features of the car. The tongue-in-cheek guide to different waves for New Beetle drivers to adopt employed trademark Volkswagen wit and high production values.


83% of prospects acquired were graded as high quality based on a tried and tested propensity scoring model.345 people asked specifically for a test drive when they responded. The number of test drives and sales will increase over time as respondents who were further away from their replacement date reach that stage in the buying process.This campaign is only 22% mature, so a total of 583 sales can be expected when the campaign is fully mature, at an average cost of £180 per sale. This will be a very high return on investment compared against the profit margin achieved on every New Beetle (confidential information).There was a significant uplift of the proportion of New Beetle sales from this activity, compared to the average percentage of sales by Volkswagen model.

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