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Digital-insight determined the communication channel and the format of advertising:

During events with long broadcasting, people prefer to follow the text version of the broadcast, rather than watching the entire video. They write a search query and go to the sites that are the first to issue. Such sites for the WC2018 draw were the main sports sites. The branding of these sites ensured the visibility of Volkswagen and solved the media problem.

And in the format of the draw, which was supposed to be a stage-by-stage disclosure of the competitors of the Russian national team, we saw the opportunity to get closer to the fans during the WC 2018 draw and make from the usual static branding - dynamic, that is updated according to the results of the draw in real time. Because all possible combinations of the WC2018 draw were known in advance. There were 589 in total.


To implement our idea of dynamic branding we selected the most visited Russian sports sites:,,,, + On which there was to be a text broadcast of the WC2018 draw.

The content of the banner (branding) changed in real time, depending on the progress of the WC2018 draw.

We photographed and prepared images covering all possible combinations of the WC2018 draw (589 ones). When it became known to the team playing in the group with Russia, a football fan representing the country immediately appeared in the Volkswagen car.

To make this possible, we created a uniquely organized multi-layered file and developed specially software, which moving the specific fans from the image file into the banner as soon as the result of the next draw stage was known.

Banners were placed for two days: on the day of the WC2018 draw and the next day.


This project helped the brand:

Become closer to the fans and show that the brand shares with them an anticipation from WC2018.

To reach the audience of football fans at the moment of WC2018 draw (more than 5,500,000 impressions) and engage them (more than 40,000 clicks and thousands of positive comments across Volkswagen's social media channels).

Thanks to the content updated in real time, making dynamic static branding out of usual static branding, get a higher response rate (the CTR on the day of the draw was three times more than the standard for this format and was 1.8%).

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