Volvo Safety In Mind

MEDIA.WORK, London / VOLVO / 2023

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Redefining the importance of safety and emotions for the entire automotive industry, Volvo has developed Safety in Mind — a new vision strategy, as part of the company's global rebranding.

To visualise the impact of our feelings on road scenarios, Media.Work studio collaborated with AKQA to create a set of animations depicting the range of sensations that affect drivers on a daily basis.


Inspired by the gradient illustration, we imagined that such a pattern could serve as the perfect illustration of a car driving on the road.

Having a tendency to stretch and generate a complex shape in a single sweep, the gradients spread, and take on the form of the unique narratives of the driving experience.


Being a pioneer in the realm of automotive safety, Volvo steadfastly forges ahead, supported by the cutting-edge technologies and breakthrough advancements.However, to truly ensure a car's safety, Volvo takes a step beyond and scrutinizes the emotional state of the driver.

"Does how you feel affect how you drive" — is one of the main headlines of the campaign, inviting people into conversation about the connection of feelings and driving.

Outlining a new era of future innovation for safety, the Volvo team urges us to expand our perspective beyond just the world around and delve deeper into the feelings within us.

Based on a selected number of the most identifiable feelings juxtaposed with road situations, our aim was to create a visual interpretation of the emotional impact on driving.

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