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Voodoo football dolls

BETC, Paris / CANAL / 2018

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First, the idea was to create something that could be integrated into the passionate discussion that was going to happen before the game.

As PSG and OM is mostly a story about rivalry.

If we were to find something that could symbolize it, we would have a solid chance to integrate the pre-game discussion.

Second, we wanted it to be cool, and fun, to erase the negative image of OM and PSG rivalry.

Third, we wanted of course something that could be coherent with our context : a football game.

This is where we came up with voodoo dolls !

- A symbol of both teams

- A way to talk about rivalry in a fun way

- A way to use football supporters theme : superstition


We launched the film one week before the game and sent out PR kits.

And of course, as both redirected to the website, we also launched the website.

All that week, we managed to get our real dolls used by all the Canal+ presenters, to create a mood around the operation, and keep up the shares.

We also shared it through Canal+ social media, and even used a conversational card on twitter, to engage people on the best media to create a discussion.

Finally, the D-DAY we shared the website score on L’EQUIPE, a famous French sport daily paper, to incite people to keep on going to the website to make their team win the match… and of course keep on alerting on the Canal+ exclusivity to air the game.




Website :

- More than 9.5M pins

Twitter :

- 100K people engaged through a conversational card

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