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We wanted people to feel part of the launch, so from start to finish our campaign encouraged interaction. The VOXI colleague experience began before launch day, with a teaser campaign introducing the VOXI visual style and building anticipation with screen-saver countdown clocks, intranet take-overs and bespoke emails inviting colleagues to become part of something bigger.

By co-ordinating our campaign timeline with the external VOXI brand launch, we made sure launch day was a complete surprise. From taking over key commuter roundabouts with giant VOXI cubes to creating VOXI stages for impromptu performances, we transformed nine Vodafone sites inside and out.

Our Launch Day Campaign transformed the working day for over 12,000 Vodafone staff. To maximise engagement, we made educating our audience intuitive, inspiring and most of all, fun – everything that VOXI aspired to be.


We began with an immersive pre-launch, featuring the tagline ‘Endless Possibilities coming soon’, that went live in every UK office simultaneously.

We brought the brand elements to life, installing the VOXI Cube – a branded outdoor five-and-a-half-metre-cubed structure. At the launch, messages on the structures transformed to reveal VOXI branding – with the tagline “Endless Possibilities”, reinforcing this message within the context of the new brand.

We had performances from DJs, dance crews and parkour artists. We featured musicians and creative collaborators who crafted content for VOXI’s social, mirroring the endless creativity of the external campaign.

The VOXI Pod – a walk-in interactive video experience – allowed staff to step inside the VOXI brand. Colleagues could engage with and share official brand content. Along with sharing selfies, colleagues signed up as brand ambassadors, alongside high-profile celebrities, influencers and social media disruptors. This room-within-a-room experience immersed colleagues in the VOXI world.


The campaign set a precedent within Vodafone and the newly realised VOXI, as the first of its kind and a benchmark for all future internal campaigns.

VOXI wanted 12% of their audience to sign up for the service and become a brand ambassador. Our targeted launch invitations achieved a 100% sign-up rate and we ended up closing the application portal early as it was so popular.

We created eight separate, tailored pages of content to connect with staff. Engagement stats from the pod showed that people who entered the VOXI pod viewed an average of eight pages per session. This shows a 100% engagement rate with the content we created to connect with Vodafone staff.

We generated a lot of interest within Vodafone, successfully engaging and educating colleagues on VOXI – even recruiting a small army of brand advocates to live the brand ethos and promote VOXI within their networks.

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