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SID LEE, Paris / BNP PARIBAS / 2023

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BNP is one of the biggest partner of Roland-Garros and other famous tournaments all over the world. The purpose of this partnership has always been to open tennis to the world. Tennis is usually considered as sport for rich people furthermore, it’s an individual sport where players play for themselves and only for themselves. BNP wants to change this image because the brand is convinced that on the contrary, tennis can be for everyone and that it can be a powerful tool to exchange between one another and have a positive impact on the community. 2023 was the year BNP celebrated 50 years of partnership with Roland-Garros. An incredible opportunity to convey its message.


The idea is very simple : transform every winning point of each player into a donation. 15 points equals 150€, 30 points : 300€ and 40 points : 400€. And all the money collected during the match will benefit an association which works for young people through tennis.


It’s often said that tennis is an individual sport. This year, on the occasion of the 50 years of partnership between BNP and Roland-Garros, we wanted to highlight to what extent tennis can become the most beautiful of team sports and show the impact each ball can have on and off the court.


On May 28, at the Central Court, during the globally broadcast first round of Roland -Garros,

BNP launched a solidarity match for the benefit of the Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s Attrap’ La Balle association which works to include disadvantaged youth through tennis. A match in which we changed the way we count points.Transforming every winning ball into a donation.

After having turned avery wining points into more that 100,000€ into donations, Wa Play For Change has extended to all the other tournaments which BNP is partner with to finance the 50 projects that will benefit the youth.


1,25M viewers for the game / 31M impressions / 1,8M active engagement on social content owned media + influence / Brand perception: 58% of tennis fans consider that the 50th anniversary celebration conveys a better image of the brand

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