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#WeAccept - Acceptance starts with all of us

Unafraid to elevate its internal battle against prejudice to the public level, Airbnb transformed their own Community Commitment into a global campaign called #WeAccept to drive the conversation against discrimination and inspire real action.


We ran a :30s #WeAccept ad between the 1st and 2nd quarters of Super Bowl LI.

We leveraged paid media across Facebook, Youtube & Twitter to boost messaging. To further demonstrate that “Acceptance stars with all of us,” we published the portraits featured in the ad alongside their firsthand testimonial of “acceptance” across Airbnb-owned social channels FB, Twitter & Instagram.

We took over the front page of and created, on which we featured the letter, signed by Airbnb’s founders, that was mailed to all Airbnb community members. It announced Airbnb’s pledge to provide housing relief to 100k people in need over the next 5 years, and $4M to the IRC over the next 4 years.

This served as a catalyst for donations to the IRC and a new platform for the community to list their homes as safe havens for refugees and survivors of natural disasters.


Airbnb generated over 33k tweets during the first half of the game, more than any other advertiser, with overwhelmingly positive sentiment.

At commercial air time there was a 2x increase in traffic to Normally in the 10k requests per second range, we spiked to 20k per second.

The #WeAccept campaign generated 17.2M views of the :30s video a total of 87 million earned impressions on social media.

After the Super Bowl spot aired we saw an immediate lift of 17 volunteer host sign-ups that quickly moved to 600 by end of game. Overnight the number of volunteers jumped to over 4,600 sign-ups.

The latest results indicate 15,400 total volunteer host signups; 226 people accommodated across 6 countries in 27 cities (39 families, 90 children); $145k and counting raised to date, matched by Airbnb and donated to the IRC, International Refugee Assistance Project, National Immigration Law Center.

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