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Westin Hotels & Resorts Upcycles Bed Linens, Transforms them into Children's Pajamas


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Westin aimed to create a CSR campaign that aligned with their commitment to empower well-being beyond its hotels further strengthening their reputation as the preeminent hospitality wellness brand. The entire campaign was developed from scratch.

Goals included:

1) Associate Engagement. Strengthen associate culture by providing an opportunity for associates to impact the brand. More than 325 associates around the world submitted ideas.

2) Tone-Setting Media Coverage, recognizing Westin as a pioneer in sleep/wellness spaces, positioning a brand exec as thought leader & inspiring industry-wide change, and infiltrating business + lifestyle outlets where Westin is not often covered.

Support Marriott International’s Sustainability & CSR Goals, including:

- Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

- Ensure sustainable consumption and production pattern


To celebrate a new marketing campaign, Westin created Project Rise, a CSR initiative asking associates globally to submit ideas on how they could better the world through a well-being lens aligned with Westin’s brand identity. From hundreds of submissions, the brand selected an entry about the tremendous quantity of linen waste at hotels, and the lack of a centralized process for recycling linens that were faded or worn but clean and reusable.

Westin’s brand/marcomm teams conceptualized a scalable solution to this need: transforming the linens into pajamas to help better sleep. Manufacturing partners made the vision a reality, and the upcycling process was a central part of storytelling.

With the help of a global nonprofit, pajamas were donated to children in need, and Westin guests could also purchase a set of PJs, with a portion of proceeds going back into Westin’s sustainability efforts.


Westin’s target: global travelers (HHI: 150K+, Age: 32-54) who prioritize wellness and recognize giving back as an important part of feeling good. They are constantly connected, using wellness as way to restore a sense of control.

In a recent global study performed by StudyLogic:

77% global respondents say giving back enhances their overall well-being

An incredible 89% of people globally are more likely to book a hotel that provides give-back opportunities.

80% of those surveyed globally intend to give back while traveling in the next 12 months

The campaign used sleep to connect the well-being of the world / well-being of consumers. Messaging focused on: innovation around the program; scalable potential for linen upcycling across global hotel industry; role of routine in good sleep; and capitalized on consumer interest in upcycling form ocean plastic sneakers, to apparel repair programs, to the rise of fashion rental/re-sale keeping apparel out of landfills.


- Funded global survey exploring link between giving back/wellness

- Asked associates for ideas to improve the world; housekeeping supervisor suggested upcycling discarded linens

- Examined EPA textile waste data: 15mm tons/year discarded in US

- Gathered data from World Sleep Society: majority of kids are sleep deprived, bedtime routines lead to better sleep/wellbeing

- Created/designed PJs

- Tapped global health leaders in manufacturing/innovative technologies to develop a system to repurpose discarded linens into fabric for PJs using best practices in textile manufacturing

- Collected 30,000 lbs of linens/terry from 50 hotels in 5 months

- Pre-pitched/secured features in Fast Co, Forbes, Hotel Business, Quartz, among others

- Debuted PJs in March 2018 at events in NYC, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa

- Worked with Delivering Good to donate PJs to kids in need (most prone to suffer sleep anxieties) & sell PJs to further sustainability efforts

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