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DDB, Prague / MCDONALD´S / 2020

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McDonald’s was launching its McDelivery service in Czech Republic for the 1st time. As a part of a broader launch awareness campaign, we targeted specific audiences relevant for the delivery service. In this case it was gamers. The aim was to promote the service to this growing market segment as well as build brand affinity with them. Segmenting our target audiences in the campaign made it possible to have a much larger and more impactful communication.


Linking gamers to the McDelivery service was pretty clear. They had a simple pain point; that when they start playing a game they really get stuck in and taking a break to cook or get food seems impossible. And our McDelivery service provided the perfect solution. With McDelivery coming to your door, you don’t have to leave the door, in your game, to get food. Hence with McDelivery, you’re NeverAFK (Away from keyboard).


Our poster campaign directly targeted gamers with three beautifully illustrated game engine style visuals, each focused on a different gaming genre. In the visuals we see an epic door, telling us that whatever door you’re at (in your game), we’ll deliver to your door (at home).

The visuals also had *hidden easter eggs or “codes” that, through the McDonald’s app, enabled you to redeem McDelivery coupons if you solved the conundrum in the visuals.

*This feature was only accessible in the digital version of these artworks.


This formed part of the McDelivery campaign launch with results as follows: ?

+ 140% increase in McDonald’s & delivery themed search in first 30 days of the campaign,?

+ 50% increase on McDelivery orders vs. pre-campaign period (with introducing second provider), ?

+ 60% increase of awareness of McDelivery service, the biggest HOT indicator jump.

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