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RAYA, Santiago / SERNATUR / 2018

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To change our country's reputation and motivate foreign travelers to visit us, instead of doing the typical travel campaign, we decided to address a social issue never discussed before on Chile in order to earn media attention on a global scale: We made history creating the first inclusive trekking route in Patagonia to take for the very first time a disabled person to Torres del Paine base camp.

To made this milestone possible, we worked with accessibility experts that helped us to influence and partner with several touristic third parties as hotels, tour packages and local guides to create a chain of accessibility that allowed us to repeat this experience, opening two new inclusive routes including Easter Island and Cochamó.

3 documentaries were shot after the experiences lived in the routes, creating relevant content to inspire more people to live by themselves the experience of visiting Chile.



We partnered with locals to create from the scratches the first inclusive trekking route in Patagonia, modifying hiking trails, repairing bridges and wooden ramps and researching the easiest ways to reach Torres del Paine base camp, evaluating risks, climate changes and impact on local fauna (This modus operandi was replicated in the development of every inclusive route). In order to guarantee a complete experience, several trekking wheelchairs were donated at every route and local guides were trained to manipulate them.


Every route has a time of implementation of two months and were opened to public during the year. Documentaries were launched every quarter, helping the campaign to live during all 2017.


The campaign was broadcasted in a global scale but was implemented along Chile, specifically in Patagonia, Cochamó and Easter Island.


Global scale: focusing in USA, Europe and Asian tourists.


We set a record for the country:

- 6.449.993 foreign travelers visited us in 2017 (14.3% growth compared to 2016)

- Average length stay increased by 2.5, reaching 10 nights (30% growth compared to 2016)

- USD $4.2 billions earnings on tourism generated by foreign visitors

- +10M people reached across the globe

- +4.8M impressions

- Estimated USD $2M in free media

Accessibility agenda moved forward:

Non-disabled population have a better understanding of universal accessibility and inclusive tourism.

Labor inclusion law came into force (now at least 1% of employees must be disabled persons).

The local tourism industry changed developing a chain of accessibility between hotels, tour packages and local guides.

National Parks are investing to grant universal accessibility.

+250 disabled persons visited our now accessible natural attractions, demystifying the image of a "tough country to enjoy" and demonstrating everyone that nothing should stop us to discover the world.

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