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Who did it first? McDonald's vs. Alexander Wang


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When you’re McDonald’s, you expect other restaurants to “draw inspiration” from your brand and products. In fact, it’s happened over a million times and by now we know exactly how to deal with it.

But when Fashion icon Alexander Wang “draws inspiration” from your paper bag to launch his new handbag, that’s definitely a first.

Our objective was to make sure that the McDonald’s paper bag was recognized as the original and people directly associate with it.

How we dealt with it? The exact same way.

We called him out and we served it as fast as we serve our food.

On the same day, our paper bag was posted on the McDonald’s Saudi Arabia Instagram page, in the exact same style as Wang’s post. And of course, we tagged him in front of all his followers and ours, with a statement that says it all: @Alexaderwang, we did it first.

Among his followers, were the fashion bloggers of the Kingdom and the world, and we went out to directly target them.

The come back of our paper bag made a huge impression!

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