Cannes Lions

Wiener Stampede

DAVID, Miami / KRAFT / 2017








Heinz wanted to promote their complete line of ketchup products on the biggest stage in the world: The Super Bowl. But in a place where the stakes are high and the big brands go all in, we needed to stand out and make something memorable. We needed a spot that would catch everyone’s attention, while landing the brand message and selling the products. Our goal was to create a video with all the elements that would help it go viral on the Internet even before airing it on the Big Game.


Our target was the entire U.S. population.


Everyone knows that hot-dogs can’t live without their favourite condiments. So that’s exactly the story we told. Daschunds in hot-dogs costumes running across a lush field towards the Heinz family to the tune of Harry Nilsson’s romantic ballad “Without you”. A metaphorical, yet literal, beautiful ode to one of the best pairings in the history of food: hot-dogs and Heinz.

A social film at the core, with every element carefully added so that it would make the internet fall in love with it.

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