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CHEIL GERMANY, Frankfurt / SAMSUNG / 2019

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The Galaxy S10 does not only represent the 10th generation of the Samsung Galaxy range but also embodies 10 years of technological innovations. To celebrate this important anniversary, the retail launch of Samsung’s flagship smartphone had to be as innovative and premium as the product itself, placing the focus on an experiential brand activation in an exclusive retail environment.

With a running time of 7 weeks in total, the overall budget for production (and maintenance) was around 800.000k Euro with a media budget of 500.000 Euro.


Allow the audience a glimpse into the future of innovations past and present: By converting all shop windows of luxury department store KaDeWe in Berlin into playful and artistically inspired interactions between brand and customer, Samsung's innovations and brand new Galaxy S10 could be experienced in an engaging way, turning abstract features into easy to understand benefits.


The Galaxy S10 is Samsung's best selling premium smartphone with a broad customer base ranging from first movers to performance seekers. Being highly aware of current trends and products, all these target groups look for exceptional and emotional experiences in retail since they are already knowledgeable around their desired gadgets through online media.

Using an exclusive environment in a creative and disruptive offered a unique chance to combine exclusivity with accessibility and wonder with fun, all while incorporating the actual product and let it speak for itself.

KaDeWe in Berlin is Germany's most frequented luxury department store with a visitor number per month that equals nearly half the population of the capital. And for the first time ever, the entirety of its shop windows of the KaDeWe was solely given to a single brand – a massive disruption that could easily be noted by the local audience.


18 different installations were realized in two phases of 4 weeks each, starting in March 2019. From optical illusions to mechanical machinations to kinetic projections each of the 4x4m big windows featured a different innovation or technical feature. The majority even allowed for direct interaction with passers-by, using sensors and technology originating in Galaxy smartphones and drawing people to the exclusive Galaxy pop-up store inside the KaDeWe.


• 1.4 M viewers on-site within just 4 weeks

• 11 K daily interactions, which equals ca. 21% of people entering the KaDeWe per day

• 2 M impressions on social media

• 280% sales increase of Galaxy S10 in Berlin’s electronic stores (compared to other cities)

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