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PROFERO, Tokyo / DIAGEO / 2010

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The Challenge: Though Windsor is Korea’s number 1 selling Whisky, many of its consumers have a weak emotional connection with the brand. Task: How do we connect with all the indifferent Windsor drinkers, turn them into adorers, and then sign them up online. Insight: People desire the things they are denied. Idea: Turn our difficult objective into the core of a dramatic solution by creating the Diamond Jubillee Club, an exclusive 'secret' society that people will be desperate to join; Make them feel that this is impossible, and then let them sign up. The DJC is a core element at the centre of a celebrity-studded action packed drama told across sharable content including: 4 online movies, 6 graphic novels, teasers, character blogs, treasure hunts and enormous amounts social media chatter. Six weeks in and our revolutionary branded entertainment format is the talk of Korea, and is snowballing fast.


TeaserGet people asking: “What is the DJC?”Advertising featuring this question: OOH, buses and press.

Teaser trailers seeded online, each giving a glimpse of a mysterious destination called the DJC.Searching led to a blog written by a character that gives clues leading to the DJC. The clues - start a treasure hunt using Flickr and real world locations.

Social media used to fuel buzz.Pre-launchA new Diageo brand created - Windsor Entertainment.

Released trailer.Held a press conference:“a new movie format” – “directed by famous director” and “starring A-List movie stars”, with “graphic novels by Korean’s finest”.LaunchThe website acts as the platform for gradual release of 10 episodes.

Traffic drivers: Press, TV, online media, PR, and social media.

Graphic novels published in the Metro.Maximizing brandOffline ads used to co-promote movie and Windsor Whisky, using our celebrity star.New Windsor Whisky brand website.


By episode 6:•5,600,000 plays of video banners•26,000 sign ups to the DJC•Over 2000 comments on social media.•107 articles in the Press, 860 onlinePeople got hooked into the teasers:"It's very interesting. Is the DJC same space as the other DJC from the movie The Influence"?People got hooked into the films:"Mm....I really want to watch next episode as soon as possible!!"People got hooked on the idea of the club: "I've heard that the DJC is some club from the movie ‘The Influence’. Some people said that it is a real club."[Blog posts on Naver]The Diageo Korea marketing team were delighted: “We’ve invented a new story telling format, made an adventure film around our loyalty programme, and connected with tens of thousands of fans, and it's growing – I am thrilled.” SB Kim, Windsor Marketing Manager, Diageo Korea

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