X Speedportal Rick & Morty

TBWA\NEBOKO, Amsterdam / ADIDAS / 2022

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adidas was launching a new football boot all about speed, and more specifically multidimensional speed, that required a campaign unlike other football campaigns, with the aim of putting fun back into football.


So we asked ourselves, is there a prominent figure in Gen Z culture who can help us navigate this campaign through multiple dimensions? Yeah, his name is Rick Sanchez. It’s not quantum physics, that’s Ricks bag.


Speed is not linear, it’s no longer distance over time. It’s a combination of mental quickness, agility, reaction speed as well as how fast you can move.


Centred around the 90 second animation, the campaign utilised the portal to represent multidimensional speed, as a red thread that flowed through all touchpoints. As the campaign left the world of animation and landed in our reality it was the portal that guided the audience through the many campaign elements.


This campaign created a world that bridged demographics and allowed our audience to engage with the content beyond expectations. What we delivered became so much more as the audience picked it up and started to play with it, and portals started to appear on screens all over the world.

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