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BLUE HIVE, Dusseldorf / FORD / 2015

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The Ford Driver Alert System warns the driver if it detects signs of fatigue.

Studies prove that when night-driving, it’s especially difficult to stay focussed between 2–5 a.m. A break at the right time could prevent accidents.

How can you reach tired drivers in the middle of the night?

Via their car radio.

Our commercial gets drivers to yawn. This is how we make perfect use of the medium radio and also let them know it’s time to take a break. At the same time we tell them about an even safer option: Ford Driver Alert System.


That’s exactly where our ad comes in. This clever and innovative radio commercial makes use of the scientifically proven phenomenon that yawning is contagious – not just when you see but also when you hear others yawning.

Our simple commercial provokes a direct reaction with its audience: drivers listening automatically feel the urge to yawn themselves. This is how we let them know it’s probably time to take a break. And at the same time, we inform them about the even safer way to having an unscathed night drive: driving a new Ford Mondeo with the Ford Driver Alert System.


There are 352,000 car drivers in Frankfurt that can be targeted via radio. Keeping the target audience in mind, we chose to place the spot as opening spot/as a standalone-spot – an advertising environment that implies a certain exclusivity, guaranteed to attract the attention of business people.

The regional radio station Antenne Frankfurt supplies an average number of 30,000 listeners per hour. Based on these numbers, we generated a reach of more than 1,000,000 potential business clients by placing the ad for two entire work weeks (Monday–Friday), up to four times each night – a quantitative and qualitative enormously targeted reach.

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