Year In Review: Yandex.Taxi Personal Statistics 2018

YANDEX. TAXI, Moscow / YANDEX / 2019

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Yandex.Taxi has established itself as a leader in the Russian online taxi market, but 2018 market growth has led to market ?ommodization. To stand out from the competition, Yandex.Taxi used an emotional appeal to connect with its audience. We implemented a simple data-based project and that drove a positive emotional connection with the product, the personalized brand approach, and the brand’s credibility.


We analysed the data to discover the most frequent special aspects of riding, such as riding at the night time or certain tariff preferences. For the users who rode with us for a year or less we either compared their data to the midscores, or looked for a special correlation of their own riding features. For the users with 2 years+ riding history we compared their data for 2018 and 2017, so that they could see their progress.


Data interpretation strategy helps to research into emotional drivers of certain types of user behaviour.


In five days, we reached 70% of the app’s audience (KPI 55%) – 5.36 million users in raw numbers. 1.1 million users shared the statistics, which is 20% of the total reach. Posts in Telegram and VK launched a wave of memes reaching more than 1.5 million users. That’s 20% higher than the KPI, based on average coverage rates.

The project made 36.8 times more money than it cost to produce.

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