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FULLSIX, Lisbon / VODAFONE / 2019

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Yorn, the Vodafone brand proposition for the youth segment, and many other young brands are facing the challenge to communicate with the so-called generation Z.

This digital native generation sees YouTube as their “mecca”, their “go to place”. Not only a platform where they consume content, but also where they are given a voice to express themselves. In fact, as recent studies by YouGov for the Vodafone group show, Youtuber is the third most attractive job for Portuguese young people between 18 and 24. So, how could YORN take advantage of this phenomenon to grow on engagement? How to be different and relevant? If there are thousands of youngsters who have something to say on Youtube, why not help to find this hidden talent, giving them the floor to create and share their videos?


A talent show made with Youtubers, for Youtubers and exclusively aired on Youtube. Something never seen before. 11 contestants respond to different challenges every week over 10 episodes. In each episode a winner is declared and someone is eliminated, based on the videos they create, until the final, where we’ll be proclaiming the next big Youtuber. The contestants are judged by a panel of four resident judges – well known Youtubers and a special surprise guest every week.


We conducted a digital casting, chose high impact formats and used our judges to spread the message, taking advantage of their large base of subscribers. We developed a multiformat digital campaign where we used job sites to communicate, raising the status of YouTuber potentially as a full-time job. After a physical casting, the 11 finalists were chosen. We set up a studio to record all episodes and other promotional content, developed a content plan for the brand’s social networks and Youtube channel, in order to raise engagement. And then….we communicated... a lot! Through all platforms. Ours and the judges’, generating awareness with a high reach.


We developed the "YornTubers" format and took it to social media, both ours and that of the jury. We made an actual casting where we selected 11 young people that wished to become the next big youtuber. We put together a set and shot an episode per week, with the jury and a special guest each week. The contestants were challenged to create a video each time with a theme selected by the jury.

The first episode aired on the 6th of november 2018 and the first season ended on the 29th of january 2019.

The episodes are available exclusively on Youtube.


The brand was noticed on Youtube, as never before. The number of our YouTube subscribers grew by more than 450%, achieving in only 4 months 5,5 times more subscribers than in the previous 2 years. Since week one, the episodes made the YouTube trends list repeatedly, stealing the spotlight away from music and viral videos. The content produced, including episodes and promos, were watched almost 6 million times. And it has not only been noticed, everyone talked about it. The fans watched every contestant’s response video and engaged with the show: commenting and reacting. Of the more than 300 thousand people who watched the final episode, almost 4 thousand tuned in right when it was uploaded, commenting live on their favorite. The format was undoubtedly a success, with a 38% average view rate of contents with more than 10 minutes, and a 33% ratio of organic views.

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