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JWT CAIRO, Cairo / VODAFONE / 2013

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Branded entertainment is not widespread in the country yet before our campaign, Etisalat one of the main telecom players in the country launched a mini-series campaign around their loyalty program. As long as the work is within legal, no offending content (sexual/ religious) there are no restrictions.


With the micro-recharge cards' different denominations, we created a new currency. We gave this currency an actual name: Fakka - Egyptian for small change. We designed the cards in a simpler new small format so that they could fit the cash register's compartment where change is normally kept, and in displays small enough to sit next to the till, but we also designed them with a typical wallet in mind.

In doing so, we moved prepaid recharge cards from designated outlets to every little shop in the country. And turned the cards from an item on the shopping list to an everyday item. And the results? Well, they speak for themselves.

So in the end, the shopkeeper became a distributor. The shopper became a channel. Vodafone got the biggest sales network available, and Egypt got a brand new currency. In fact, you could say: everybody got value for change.


The campaign and the offer created a huge buzz having 1 Million customers opted. Furthermore, the campaign was the most prefered campaign out of telecom campaign during Ramadan and created the most buzz among its competitors. Reach: 29,441,288 people saw the ads and the copies created a lot of buzz around them on social media.

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