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You are a gamer and you don’t know it


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After two years working to raise awareness regarding the dangers of excessive screen time for our eye's health, Multiópticas wanted to target an active community that wasn't aware of the amount of time they spend on screens: people over 45

According to the data portrayed in a study carried out by Multiópticas, 70% of the Spanish population between 45 and 75 years of age do not identify as gamers. However, 85% of them spend on average more than one hour playing with screen devices in the worst conditions for their eyes: small screens and darkness.


We decided to use a personal and anecdotic experience to build our story. We succeeded in making the person who refused the most that was a gamer to become a professional gamer: the former vice president of the Congress of Deputies, Celia Villalobos, who in 2015 was caught playing Candy Crush at Congress and denied it for years. With her as a leader, we created Screen Wolves, the first ESports team made up of people over 45 years old, and announced it on social media in an unbranded phase. As this first stage was announced from her own social media profiles, and with the development of a website and social media accounts for Screen Wolves, the main conversation went on social media platforms, theorizing about who could be behind this team, and ensuring everybody knew about the team through press and media.


To raise awareness about responsible devices use and eyesight health to a sector of the population that was unaware of the screen time they spent, we came up with the claim “You are a gamer and you don’t know it”, meaning that we are all gamers when we use our smartphones to play video games. Even though the target audience for the campaign were 45 year old Spaniards and above, the use of all kinds of influencers, social media platforms and press broadened the reach to an overall population.


On May 24th 2021, Celia Villalobos launched a video on social media announcing her ESports team, called ScreenWolves, formed by people over 45 years old. This video met all the gaming aesthetics and cultural insights, making it believable by its own sector, with a website, social media profiles and gamer uniform, which caused a huge stir.

Within all this huge expectation, on May 26th we invited one of Spain’s biggest streamers to join our Twitch livestream to discover the truth. Celia reveals that the Screen Wolves team is fake, but that it is an initiative based on an anecdotal situation from her past, known to all, to raise awareness about the hours we spend playing games on our smartphones, which can put our eye health at risk.

Thus, Screen Wolves is a team of which we are all a part, according to data from the study carried out by Multiópticas.


The campaign went viral, generating conversation on social media and tier 1 media, changing the perception of people on seniors and digital spaces. Indeed, the public that was reached by this campaign shared the experience of being gamers, part of a huge ESports team called Screen Wolves, as they all discovered themselves as gamers.

On social media, the following were achieved:

- More than 1.2 million interactions

- More than 4 million visualizations of the advert

- 72 hours as a Trending Topic

On earned media

- More than 400 impacts in the media

- More than 2 million VPE

- More than 400 impacts

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