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The Screen Crib

LLYC, Madrid / MULTIOPTICAS / 2021

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In 2019, Multópticas, the leading brand in the optical industry in Spain, became aware of a growing problem and launched a concept to describe and capitalize on it: Screen Pollution. An awareness campaign about the abusive use we make of devices with screens, damaging our eye-health.

After a successful 2019 in which media and even competitors started using our concept, in 2020 the brand wanted to reinforce this positioning through a high-impact action that would generate media conversation and open a social debate around the abusive use of screens in one of the most crucial stages of our development: childhood.


To raise awareness about the abusive use of screens in childhood, we decided to attract parents' attention by taking this neglected reality to the extreme. We introduced screens in an extreme and controversial way into the daily habits of children where they are already present (moments like when they eat, sleep or play).

For this purpose we created The Screen Crib, the first crib that promised to help parents disconnect and rest while their children were developing in their new skills, having the chance to learn faster and even offering the possibility to calm them down when they were crying.

We aimed for people to be outraged and alarmed when seeing the products, so once we had attracted everybody's attention, we could unveil the real purpose of the campaign which was inspired by real habits related to screen devices use with children, and convey the awareness-raising message of Multiópticas.


Parents are mostly aware of the negative consequences of children's abusive use of screen devices, however, they often forget or disobey the recommendations for their own comfort. Nevertheless, they recognize this bad practice when they see others doing it.

Therefore we proposed an activation structured in two phases. An unbranded phase in which we would work with the main moms and dads influencers to reflect this negative behaviours on them by promoting a new range of products with integrated screens.

Once we had called attention to the problem, been The Screen Crib on the spotlight, in a second phase, influencers and Multiópticas simultaneously would unveil the truth capitalizing the conversation: fortunately products don't yet exist but were created based on real requests and bad habits of parents, and if we don't educate to moderate the daily consumption of devices with screens it could be a reality in a close future.


We created a functional prototype of The Screen Crib inspired by bad habits of parents shared on social media. To launch it we created a fully digital start-up, with social profiles, a website and even a spot.

To make it known, attracting social and media attention, we worked together with the main mom and dad influencers who shared pictures and information about the crib. It went viral.

After 24 hours of harsh debate on the influencers' profiles, they revealed the truth: "These products do not yet exist, but were created based on real requests from parents. 87% of parents are concerned about the time their children spend on screens. However, 3/10 buy a device with screens before the age of 4." Simultaneously the brand and the start-up unveiled the message publishing an extensive video piece, explaining the action and conveying alarming data on the abusive screen use in childhood.


The campaign obtained incredible results, generating a great debate in social networks and also obtaining a lot of repercussions in traditional media.

In digital channels, the campaign achieved:

1.2 million social media engagement.

1,200 organic publications commenting on the action.

2.5 million organic views in the first 48 hours.

Regarding earned media repercussion, the results were:

55 million earn media impressions.

Audience of 26,766,590.

524,072.214 € of VPE.

Over 300 impacts, 90% of them mentioning the brand.

100% positive tone referring to the brand’s campaign.

And most importantly, 240% increase in Multiópticas' sales after the campaign in display-related products, making this product line the company's second best-selling product line so far after sunglasses.

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