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S,C,P,F, Barcelona / MOVISTAR / 2015

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Movistar is the main provider of internet and television services in Spain. The launch of its series platform was a real event since for the first time in the country, the most important international series could be seen on demand and in HD. Furthermore, the problem of illegal downloads of series in Spain was a highly topical issue. We had to generate content to announce the arrival of our platform and also convince people not to download the series illegally, but to pay to watch them on our platform. We could advertise in a traditional way on television but our audience did not watch traditional channels. Brand content was not a usual resource in Spanish advertising at that time, so it was the ideal resource to convince an audience that fled from traditional formats and was looking for high quality audiovisual content.


The audience reacted positively, identifying with the situations that happened to the main characters of the series. We soon saw tweets mentioning many of the gags that could be seen in the chapters. And the biggest fans of the director and the actors talked about the new project. Furthermore, many talked about the new platform as the place where addicts to the series should go to see their favourite series.


Approximately 1,200,000 people saw the series on YouTube and on our own platform.

The number of subscriptions to the service during the campaign was 77,000.

The number of followers of the platform on twitter increased by 7,000.

The most important blogs and webs in Spain specialising in cinema and series reviewed the news talking about our series and our platform. And Movistar Series was established as the leading provider of series in the country with quality content and a convenient and comprehensive service.

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