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Young Again

TRY/APT/POL, Oslo / DNB BANK / 2016


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Young people in Norway hear it all the time: They’re a lazy, self-absorbed and ungrateful generation. So we let Magne, a stubborn 58 years old man, swap life with Peter, a 22 years old student, for one week. Magne quickly found out that being young in 2015 wasn't quite as easy as he thought.


• YOUNG AGAIN, a 7 episode web series aired the very same week the experiment happened. Editing was done at night, to implement a new episode the following day.

• Every episode ended with DNB offering young customers the banks best terms and conditions. On web banners surrounding the content, young customers could read more about DNB's offers.

• The audience could also follow the experiment live on social media, since Magne also had to take over all of Peter's social media accounts. DNB's Facebook page showed cut-outs and other custom made materiel.


• YOUNG AGAIN had more than 900.000 views, 70% of them unique – meaning more than 10% of Norway followed an advertising campaign by choice.

• Average viewing time on episodes: 4:38 (Over 60% saw the whole episode)

• YOUNG AGAIN was the most searched keyword at Norway's biggest website, VG, that week.

• Car loans and -insurance to young people both increased with 30% in one week.

• DNB increased in awareness on being the best bank for young people and now leads the other banks by 10%

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