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Thousands of facades in Peru are in poor shape due to neglect or unsolicited graffiti. A neglected facade makes for a colorless house, and a lifeless house.

We needed an effective way to achieve our objective and give ‘life’ to the neighborhoods and homes that colors each street, the city and the country.

Therefore, the “Your Facade 4 a Paint Job” promotion was created. People were directed to where they could register and donate their home to be part of the campaign. The key campaign messages were then painted on their facades and left on for 3 weeks. The first 1,000 people who registered won a free paint job for their facade, the next 500 received 3 gallons of paint in whatever color they wanted, a thousand received two gallons of paint for the price of one, and the last thousand received three gallons for the price of two.


To create expectation, Facebook ads were purchased to begin running on October 15, 2015; 15 days before the launch.

To announce the promotion and get people to lend their facades, the campaign was launched on November 1 by activating text ads on Google Search, banners on Google Display and the first video of the campaign on YouTube, using TrueView In-stream ads so the campaign would be seen more times, increase interest in the promotion, attract new followers, and generate traffic and registrations on the website. In two weeks, the first 500 facades were painted, turning houses into outdoor advertising and giving the campaign greater visibility.

One week before the promotion ended, a second YouTube video was released to reinforce communication and help increase final registrations.

By the end of the campaign, 1000 facades had been turned into outdoor media and, subsequently, into prettier houses. It ended on November 30.


- 36% growth in new customers for Qroma compared to the previous year.

- 32% industry growth in gallons of paint compared to the previous year.

- One circuit of 1000 facades converted into free nationwide outdoors (estimated value US$ 700 K).

- More than 88.4 MM impacts.

- Savings of 48% from original budget (only spend US$ 21 K).

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