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We needed to launch Reebok’s new shoe by catching the attention of a coveted, hard-to-impress, young insta-focused millennial/gen z audience who have finely tuned BS meters. Traditional tactics wouldn’t cut it. So our objective was to launch Reebok’s Zig Kinetica into culture and build buzz before the full campaign launch. We knew if we got people talking and spending time with our brand, it would make whatever happens after all that more effective.


The fashion and activewear world is a crowded and packed place, so we needed to show up in a completely unexpected way. We found that home security tech and the social networks they used were an untapped cultural opportunity. You don’t see a fashion brand on your Ring camera everyday, right?

We drew three circles

• A first of it’s kind media placement, utilizing the most candid of cameras

• A different type fashion show: driveways and front doors across America

• Kick-ass talent, like Cardi B, Montrezl Harrell, Noah Schnapp and Shaq

(and 30+ other people that are famous on the internet)


And put #ZigTheRunway dead center–?? an actual first (#sorrynotsorry) that hijacked and disrupted home security networks with unexpected fashion shows to drop Reebok’s latest: The Zig Kinetica.


These days, shoes are dropping so often, your local FedEx guy can barely keep up. But we noticed something about that guy in the truck. They were going viral on security cams more than most shoe drops do. And those spontaneous little content bombs were blowing up our social feeds with a fresher/funner/authentic-er POV than the latest “authentic-influencer-endorsement.”

As online shopping and home delivery have become more convenient and commonplace, package theft has also been on the rise. In response, more people than ever have opted to install home security cameras from brands like Nest, Simplisafe, Wyze Cam, and Arlo. Around 3.4 MM doorbell cameras were sold last year.

We decided to tap into the Home security tech and the latent social network attached, in ways that stopped thumbs, through channels that would disrupt culture.


An unconventional idea requires an unconventional media approach. We used the rising household tech of home security cameras throughout our creative and media:

We filmed all our content on actual Ring cameras

We seeded the footage in untapped social networks (Nextdoor and Neighbors app by Ring)

We rolled this out through social only and amplified everything through cultural gatekeepers like our celebrities, our program of over 30+ diverse influencers and on home security social networks. Not on brand channels.


Millions not only saw it (14.4m+ views) but they watched it (2x benchmark completion rates) and talked about it (748m PR impressions) making it a fast selling shoe globally (+5% purchase intent, exceeding launch projections by 50%), making one of Reebok’s biggest shoe launches in years.

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