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SID LEE, Paris / SKYN / 2019

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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

By creating an off-beat packaging, SKYN Arise changed the perception men have on erectile pills, creating a playful and conversational object on a unassumed topic. Sent with every first purchase online the product itself became the main communication media.

This packaging raised conversation on media and social medias, shared by thousand people, helping to break the taboo around erectile dysfunction issues


According to the American College of Physicians, more than 1/3 men will suffer from erectile dysfunction by 2020.

Yet, today erectile drugs are still seen as embarrassing products.

And quite honestly, their packaging (classic and sad pillbox) and the path to getting them (appointment with your doctor followed by a trip to the pharmacy) don’t help.

That’s why premium condom and lubricant brand SKYN decided to take advantage of the expiration of the Sildenafil patent (active ingredient in Viagra molecule) to launch its own erectile pill. Also taking advantage of its “newcomer” status on the market to break the codes. With one main objective : dispel stigmas around an (unfortunately still) taboo product.

Describe the creative idea

With a low media budget, we decided that our packaging would become our main communication asset.

So we created a disruptive and aesthetic packaging that could stand up on it’s own - one that symbolises the benefit of the product within in a totally amusing way. A far cry from the serious and sad classical pillboxes, SKYN arise was been designed to be aesthetic, desirable, and playful. To stir curiosity and start a conversation around this taboo topic.

Describe the strategy

Among the 1/3 of men affected by erectile dysfunction in 2020, a large proportion of them will be 20 to 35 years old. Adopting an approach which touches the young generation was important. The design and playful aspects of the pillbox were put forward to dispel stigmas and depart from the quintessential “old man’s drug”. A reinvented path-to-purchase - 100% digital- also challenges perceptions around erectile pills.

Describe the execution

We imagined the SKYN arise pill packaging as a playful object symbolising the product benefit - a pillbox that always stays up. A far cry from classical pharmaceutical packaging. Months of work were necessary for French designer Jean-Baptiste Fastrez to find the right balance between lightness (to stay up on its own) and durability (to be shipped all over the world). Produced on a large scale, a complementary pillbox was included in every first purchase box of SKYN arise.

It should be noted that the prescription and purchase process behind the pills are also reimagined: eliminating the need to ever show up at a doctor’s office or a pharmacy, with online ordering & delivery.

List the results

The campaign has been picked up by various media, influencers and podcasts, achieving 78,6 Millions impressions in 2 weeks.

In its first week following launch, received more than 300,000 visits.

Thanks to this campaign, SKYN saw a 40% increase in purchase intentions (in comparison to the first studies conducted before the launch).

Within first month of launch: 14,721,178impressions172,268clicks140,166attributed visits Facebook: we have reached2,032,414individuals across our Fitness Enthusiast, New Retail Shopper, High-Stress Lifestyle, Fashion & Lifestyle, and Dating In-Market segments (Facebook launched on March 10th).85.6MM+ PR Impressions

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