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EZAKI GLICO, Osaka / Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. / 2021

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Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

This Campaign is aimed on improve the corporate image and appeal the corporate keywords “FOOD, EXERCISE, and SMILE”. We held an event with the game "JANKEN GLICO", which is famous and related to this advertiser. The game is heart of this campaign to get a lot of people to participate in the campaign and to keep exercising even when online and to leave it as a vivid memory even in COVID19. In addition, it was an event that affect not only the brand but also the event industry as a reference example of the subsequent online event.


Regarding corporate communication of Glico in 2020, at the time of planning in 2019, the message was "Let's make an era of smiles. smile Glico" with the desire to make 2020 a more special and smiling year than usual. We planned the national sports tournament "JANKEN GLICO 2020" to make people smile. However, due to the spread of COVID19, it was judged that a real event could not be held. At such times, we changed the message to "Begin with a smile. smile Glico" from the desire to contribute to people's health and make as many people as possible smile. In order to embody this message, we changed the plan to an online event where more people can participate even in this situation. Also, not only the event, we were needed to bring the message and smiles to those who could not participate in the even after the event.

Describe the creative idea

As Glico, whose corporate message is "A WHOLESOME LIFE IN THE BEST OF TASTE", these three keywords “FOOD, EXERCISE, and SMILE” are important. The game "JANKEN GLICO" was the heart of this event to appeal these three. "JANKEN GLICO" is a very famous national and traditional game that almost all Japanese have played it once as a child, and the brand name is included in the game name. The rule is that if you play rock-paper-scissors and win with rock, you will take 3 steps while saying "Glico", if you win with paper or scissors, take 6 steps while saying "pineapple" or "chocolate", and the person who reaches the goal that can be set for each game wins. The target consumer is everyone, since we do not set it on Specific category, and we thought this traditional game will encourage them to participate in the campaign smoothly.

Describe the strategy

To get people of all ages interested in the campaign, we appointed 12 of famous actors in Japan. We have created game contents that allows people to play with the them and enjoy JANKEN GLICO digitally. We made it possible to participate to events by winning the game and posted videos on Twitter. After the COVID19 occurred, we responded quickly to online. We updated TV advertising and site video contents along with switching to online events for incenting to participate in online events. At the online event, we chose ZOOM to gather as many people as possible and to build the system that can simultaneously list up to 1000 participants and can withstand the rigorous Guinness examination. In addition, as a situation where many people are not gathered due to the COVID19, we planned to challenge the online Guinness World Records as an event that connects people online.

Describe the execution

For the entire campaign, Glico's thoughts, video content, and application forms are collected on the site. We also deliver messages with video content such as TV advertising and post messages on Twitter to announce events. 615 participants who won the lottery on the campaign site and TV advertisement talents (Haruka Ayase / Satoshi Tsumabuki / Kyoko Fukada / Tatsuya Fujiwara / Nagisa Sekimizu) played "JANKEN GLICO" through ZOOM. The event was broadcast live on YouTube at the same time. It was certified as the new Guinness World Record for “Most people playing JANKEN online simultaneously”. This news, Glico's thoughts and about the event were continuously delivered by case films and post-event PR.【Campaign Launch:2/20→Event application period:3/25~4/13(Canceled)→Launch as JANKEN GLICO 2020 REMOTE:7/13→Online event application period:7/13~7/27→YouTube live distribution notification period : 7/28-8/8 →JANKEN GLICO 2020 REMOTE: 8/8 → Case films release period: 12/31】

Describe the outcome

The number of applicants for the event was 1,896, and the number of participants was 615 out of 980 winners. The total number of PR contacts is 139 million. From the survey, by recognizing the campaign and browsing the events, the scores of recognizing Glico with "creating a smile", "supporting family health", and "providing healthy products and services" were increased significantly in a wide range of age groups.

・The score of favorability for Glico products: 50.7% (A: those who had no advertising contacts), 66.8% (B: those who had advertising contacts), and 71.1% (C: event viewers).

・The intention to purchase Glico products: (A)63.2%, (B)78.8%, (C) 81.2%.

In addition, event viewers have higher NPS (A: -37.7→C: -13.8) and purchase experience (A: 3.5% → C: 14.5%) in the previous month of the survey. This survey shows that the campaign made psychological and behavior changes.

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