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GREY ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires / ITAU / 2019

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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Itaú is sponsoring the Miami Open, so we invited our followers to compete for tickets to the final. We organised the first competition ever on Instagram, and used the platform to generate interactive content.

We transmitted a tennis serve via Instagram Live. Each participant had previously chosen the exact place where they thought the ball would fall. Thanks to hawk-eye technology, all our followers could see exactly who had won live.

We were able to bring the sport onto Instagram thus giving our followers a unique and innovative interactive experience.


Our followers are young digitals who are constantly looking for new experiences. That’s why we had to communicate the sponsorship of the Miami Open differently, by entering its world, but in a new way.

Because we are a bank, the main goal was a real challenge: to generate a different innovative experience that would set us apart from the world of banks, and that would bring us closer to what most interests our consumers.

Describe the creative idea

We transmitted a tennis serve via Instagram Live. Each participant had previously chosen the exact place where they thought the ball would fall. The prize would be a trip to the final of the Miami Open. Thanks to hawk-eye technology, each participant could see live exactly where the ball landed in this very unusual contest.

We resorted to the technology employed in tennis and the platform most used by our followers, and were able to create an interactive experience, showing them both worlds in a different, innovative way.

Describe the strategy

The digital young people we targeted are bored with the classical Instagram competition and permanently need a brand to offer something new to keep them on board. So, we wanted to provide an experience that would get them talking. We wanted to use Instagram to surprise them in an everyday place they knew well, and show them another side of tennis. For the first time in history, we were able to use Instagram as a platform of interactive content in real time, something that nobody, let alone a bank, had ever done before.

Describe the execution

For two weeks we communicated the event and made a call for participation in our networks, and in the networks of various Argentinian tennis players and influencers. We invited a well-known influencer to conduct the event, but she also helped us promote Live in her networks.

The transmission of Live Serve lasted for around half an hour, with peaks of up to 6000 spectators, and over 10,000 people took part in the city of Buenos Aires and its suburbs. The number of followers of the account grew by 32%.

List the results

Nobody wanted to miss out on the chance to win a trip to see the final of the Miami Open, or even miss this new experience. Instagram Live had peaks of 6000 spectators, with over 10,000 participants, and the number of followers grew by 32%. But most importantly, we showed that to be a bank people valued, you don’t just need to do everyday bank things, but things for people.

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