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The idea was to "hack" the traditional Christmas speech the king of Spain delivers every year and turn it into a series of speeches delivered by "queens" (women of all ages, regions, races, social status and sexual orientation). In this way, we wanted to give women a voice in the political agenda, as well as convey the fact that the real families (as opposed to the royal family - real and royal both translate the same way in Spanish: "Real") prepare real banquets in this season.


o Implementation. We developed a series of 15 ads to give real women a voice. They were featured in a sumptuous official looking desk from which they all delivered their messages on equality. On top of this more real women were invited to participate and record their own Christmas messages through a web-app. We run a FB live event with all these messages on the last day of the campaign.

o Timeline. The campaign run from December 10th to December 26th.

o Placement. See placement form.

o Scale. The campaign spanned across TV, social, digital and POS.


2016 christmas campaign had proved a success by increasing the brand sales in 20% vs 2015. This year we beat those results with a growth of 26%, with 30% less budget. Pescanova's market share grew in 2.7 points.

The campaign was the most seen campaign in Youtube this past christmas, according to Youtube leaderboard, and the 6th in the all-year ranking. It also generated a lot of comments and engagement around the topic of equality and feminism in some of the biggest Spanish speaking online forums. The campaign achieved 37 Million impacts, 13 Million of which were earned impacts.


Pescanova's main purchase decision makers are women, who do most of the Christmas shopping, especially everything related to the Christmas meals. Recent studies prove that women make 35% less salary than men, whilst they dedicate 2 more hours on average to domestic chores, thus making it harder for them to attend their professional responsibilities.

We decided to make feminism the hero of our campaign. Tapping on the insight that the voice we really need to hear is the one we all have at home; our approach was to empower women by giving them the chance to feature in our commercials which mimicked the setup of the traditional king's Christmas speech. Women were asked to state their proposals and wishes for the season and for the future, thus opening the space for all kinds of subjects.

Real families have real banquets (Real and Royal are the same in Spanish: "Real")


o Situation: Pescanova have been working to create a new, fresher positioning ("Let's keep the freshness"). This freshness is meant to be a tool against the staus quo, against worn-out clichés. The aim was to be much more than a food brand. Christmas is the peak season for seafood in the Spanish market. Traditionally, families gather around the table on holidays to share special meals and seafood (especially shrimp) play a big role in these. The holiday season is also a very busy time in terms of brands crowding the market place.

o Brief: To create a campaign that rose above the season's noise and generated word of mouth to achieve top of mind during the holiday season, while helping increase the sales of our shrimp range, with a much lower budget (30% less than previous year).

o Objectives: To increase shellfish (shrimp) sales by 6% and generate awareness while driving engagement.

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