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In 2023, Heineken 0.0 made its debut in Argentina, a market where non-alcoholic beers are virtually non-existent. However, amidst this introduction, the entire conversation revolved around one topic: the presidential elections. Argentina has a unique feature: according to Electoral Law 19.945, election weekends enforce an alcohol sales ban for 24 hours nationwide. This presented a singular opportunity to showcase Heineken's new innovation.


In 2023, during Argentina's presidential elections, the Electoral Ban was enforced on weekends, prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages for 24 hours. Despite this, all beer ad´s continued during this period, promoting a product that was forbidden to purchase. Seizing this opportunity, Heineken 0.0 developed an app allowing users to scan any type of beer advertisement (OOH, digital, television, print, etc.) for any brand of alcoholic beer, converting it into a voucher redeemable for a Heineken 0.0 (alcohol-free) at bars, supermarkets, or delivery apps during the 24-hour Electoral Ban. This approach led to all beer brands promoting Heineken 0.0 during the Ban ;)


In Argentina, the market for non-alcoholic beers is virtually non-existent, and in 2023, Heineken 0.0, the alcohol-free version of the famous Dutch beer, was launched. However, during that year's presidential election campaign, the media and public attention were consumed by the electoral process, leaving little space for brand innovations. Nonetheless, this challenge turned into an opportunity, as alcohol sales are prohibited on election weekends in Argentina. This prohibition provided the perfect platform to promote a beer that precisely lacks alcohol, with the message: "Drink and Vote. Now you can."


Heineken 0.0's '0.0 Prohibition' is a web app powered by Google AI Tech. It scans and recognizes any advertisement for alcoholic beers from any brand, converting it into a voucher redeemable for a free Heineken 0.0 at any store, bar, or delivery app during the electoral ban period. Leading up to the elections, a digital campaign promoting '0.0 Prohibition' was launched with the message 'Drink and Vote. Now you can.' This campaign aimed to educate people about its functionality. The initiative was active during all three election weekends (primaries, general elections, and runoff) nationwide, throughout the duration of the alcohol ban.


Thanks to '0.0 Prohibition,' the weekends of Argentine elections became the highest consumption days for Heineken 0.0 since its launch.

During the 24-hour electoral ban, all advertising investment in the beer category promoted Heineken 0.0.

$1.2 million in media spending by competitors were intercepted by Heineken 0.0 (source: Ibope Kantar).

97% of legal beer purchases during the three election days were Heineken 0.0 (source: Coto Supermarket, Rappi app, PedidosYa app).

+ 210,000 pieces of competitors' media were transformed into Heineken 0.0 pieces. Achievements include:

+43.5 million impressions

+137K clicks

+7.8 million reach

45% coverage

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