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To stand up for moms everywhere, Yoplait created “Mom On,” a new brand platform that sheds light on the daily challenges moms face, helping disarm the judgment through a blend of humor, confidence-building and empathy for all those taking on the most challenging job in the world.

To build on our “Mom On” platform and show moms that we stand with them, we created a toll-free hotline, 1-833-Mom-Tips. All that “advice” moms don’t want to hear? We listened to it so moms didn’t have to.

Once a caller dials the number, an operator directs them to a series of common judgments (e.g. thoughts on breastfeeding in public? press 2). With each number, the hotline presents another menu of options driving mom-shamers deeper into the layers of their own judgment, down a seemingly endless phone tree, ultimately making it impossible for them to pass judgment on moms.


Starting with our own social channels, we targeted moms on Instagram and Facebook and shared stills and a social-optimised film about the hotline. We then partnered with mommy bloggers on Instagram and Facebook who posted about the hotline, told their own stories about mom shaming, and shared pictures of themselves wearing shirts that said ‘How’s My Momming?’ Finally, we aired a :30 second infomercial during the Bachelor and we amplified participation around our broadcast moment with paid posts on Twitter targeting moms 18+ who are interested in the Bachelor, a promoted film on YouTube, and a GIPHY page with bespoke response GIFs made from our film—all intercepting mom shaming as it was happening and and redirecting the shamers to our hotline.


In the first week alone 1-833-MOM-TIPS received:

+10,000 calls

average call time of 79 seconds

totalling +13,170 minutes of unwanted opinions

We generated:

+25MM impressions

+5.7MM video views

VTR of 62.34% (vs. a 41.24% CPG benchmark) and an efficient $0.01 CPV

We reached moms, and got them to take action:

influencer content generated over 154M expressions

Moms loved the prank and took to social to show it:

+12K mentions of “mom tips”during the campaign

Moms showed their appreciation with comments like:

“Haha that number is hilarious THANK YOU so needed that laugh today while cleaning up throw up from my youngest.”


We not only established Yoplait as the brand that makes moms feels proud of who they are, we gave moms a funny and useful tool that helped them with their day-to-day lives.

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