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For the German market Branded Entertainment took over a key position in Brand Communication over the last few years. Due to restrictive advertising regulations for TV-channels Branded Entertainment campaigns enable publishers and brands to enhance communication activities.

The main focus of this campaign from a legal point of view was to include a product in a natural and neutral way to be in compliance with the requirements of media law. The regulation for Product Placement stipulates – inter alia – that the editorial responsibility shall remain with the broadcaster and that the Product Placement shall neither directly encourage the purchase of a product nor that the product is unduly prominently placed. Additional requirements are that Product Placement is not allowed in all types of films but – for instance – in so called “light entertainment programs."


As the No. 1 Youth & Entertainment channel in Germany VIVA reaches a young and tech savvy audience. In a connected world this means we approach our users wherever THEY are.

For the 24/8 LIVE campaign we used an integrated communication concept using all channels:

ON THE GROUND via reality - by passing the pop-up room

AT HOME via television - by commercial spots

ON THE ROAD via mobile - by articles and background information

ONLINE via website - by a campaign site that aggregated all information

IN LIFE via social media - by posts, threads, videos and pictures


The campaign was a success! We truly lived the “get in touch” idea for 8 days – 8 nights – and countless emotional moments. More than that we made the user become the essential part of it by getting in touch with 24/8 LIVE. We gained a viral momentum based on social media and word of mouth communication. All through the WINDOWS 8 device and the new interface was seamlessly integrated in the campaign.


2.100.000 + Social Media Touch points

100.000 + Unique Visitors on the live stream

80% Return Rate (at least one more time)


35 + Live Gigs

400 + Visitors in the campaign room

15.000 + people crossing the display window

Extract of the guests: Hairdresser, authors, Yoga teacher, break dancer, boxing trainer, magician, painter, cheerleader, LOCAL MAYOR!

We created a live-life-experience and the blogger János got in touch with the colorful world and people from all over the world by using Windows 8.

"The outcome of this unique format created very vibrant and exciting content, which fully paid into the new Windows 8 brand strategy." Antje Spethmann, Microsoft

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