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We gave 42BELOW a purpose: Keeping our planet pure, to keep our vodka pure.

And to remind drinkers just how pure they are, we used the purest thing there is. Soap. But not just any soap.

42BELOW Recycled Cocktail Lemons Eco Soap. The world’s first soap made from stuff in the bottom of your drink – free with every cocktail.

Now, instead of throwing away the leftover bits of lemon from 42BELOW cocktails in bars, bartenders collect them, and each week, we recycle them to create a 100% pure, eco-friendly hand soap.


The soap is then sent back into the bars – bottles for bathrooms, and free sachets with every drink – literally placing our story in the hands of drinkers and reminding them just how pure our vodka is, in our unique 42BELOW way.


First, we outreached to bar staff with a practical, and comical, 42BELOW Recycled Cocktail Lemons Eco Soap kit – everything they needed to collect and store the used lemons.

We then encouraged all the bartenders to create their own lemony 42BELOW cocktails, and drove that with some friendly inter-bar competition.

In the lead up to launch, we collected lemons, so by launch date, we had enough for the first batch of soap.

We then went live with PR, social and in bar activity. Our soap bottles were in every bathroom and sample sachets were free with every drink.

The promotion occurred in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne’s top cocktail bars – almost 30 in total. However, it was through social and PR, the promotion reached millions.


20% increase in 42BELOW sales in bars.

42BELOW’s most successful promotion ever. 

Over 43m people reached globally.

21,606 units of soap delivered.

10,301kg of cocktail lemons recycled.

Dozens more bars have signed up to join the promotion since launch.

One bar increased 42BELOW sales from 46 to 276 cocktails per week.

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