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Gathering the family together for the Chinese New Year feast is an important ritual for Coca Cola in China. Many Chinese families have made the global brand part of their local tradition, bringing the iconic red bottle home for the family’s most precious time together. Chinese New Year is also a cluttered promotional period for non- alcoholic ready to drink beverages in China, all brands competing for a cherished place on the family dinner table. Coca Cola wanted to remind China of the brand and product role for the holidays in a way that touches hearts and creates top of mind awareness to complement their promotional CNY campaign. 45 Days was a viral video campaign to remind young Chinese that their time with their parents is limited, and that the best way to invest that time is to have quality conversations with their parents.


We organized five family interventions, each family representing different a different socioeconomic demographic within China, to take them all on a journey to rediscover the preciousness of the 45 days they have to spend together. We conducted video interviews with children and parents separately, asking them to reveal the unspoken truths they dare not share with family. Then, we showed parents the video of their child and vice versa. Finally, we revealed the 45 days statistic to the younger generation, and staged surprise visit from their parents, creating an opportunity to reconnect in an intimate way.

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